MP3 player – Amarok

For me Amarok is the best music player for Linux. Of course it depends on how you listen to your music. If you want something for quick listening an mp3 file, or listen only to CDs, then Amarok is overkill. However, if you like to organize your music, create playlists, etc…then Amarok is great.

User interface is simple and clearly focused to it’s main feature: organizing a collection of musics, albums, etc. But it doesn’t stop there, as it’s packed with many extras. Several of these features are now a classic and several music players also offer these: fetching the album cover from Amazon, displaying the lyrics, displaying an OSD of the current playing song, etc. But I still prefer Amarok, I like its interface and it works pretty well.

Other thing I found useful is adding rating to your songs. By rating your songs you can then select the playlist called "favorite tracks" or "favorite tracks by <enter artist name>".

It also has integration with, which is a social network where you can meet new people with the same taste as you. For me, I’m getting a little tired of social networks, so I don’t really use it to meet new people. What I like about is the ability to suggest similar artists for the song you’re listening. Amarok integrates this quite well, always showing several recommendations. I think that’s a very interesting way of getting to know other artists.

It also synchronizes with iPod, something I never used as I don’t own one 🙂 However, something I frequently do is listening to internet radios. Amarok has shoutcast stations integrated as if it were another folder in your music collection. I don’t think it’s the best of integrations (could be better if it allowed searching), but it works fine. 

In conclusion, Amarok is a state-of-the-art music player for Linux that can satisfy most listening needs.

Happy Listening!

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