Compiz-Fusion: is it useful ?

Is there anyone out there still not using Compiz-Fusion ? Most distributions already offer it nowadays. If you’re using an old distribution and you never heard of it, youtube is full of videos showing it. In this case, a movie is worth a thousand words, so here it’s, a sample video from the many that exist in youtube.

You may be wondering if Compiz-Fusion is all fireworks and doesn’t have any practical use. Well, for once I like fireworks. Secondly, in my opinion it does bring a better user experience for both begginers and veteran Linux users.Here I’ll show you those nifty details that you may have overlooked with all that firework.

Zoom – This is incredibly useful. It’s not the weak zoom browsers give you. You can smoothly zoom in part of the desktop. It’s good not only for viewing badly designed sites, but also to quick zoom in on a picture. ocasionally, I also use it to show some detail on my monitor to someone far away from me. It’s better than to ask him to get up and come over.

Visual feedback for windows that don’t respond – With this plugin, when an application is not responding its windows become black and white. This one is tricky as some people find it annoying, specially newbies that sometimes scream out in fear : "what happened ?". For me, I think  think it’s an useful way to tell the user, that an application is not responding.

Transparent windows – this one you probably saw it already. It can sometimes be useful to write something and being able to look at the window behind.

Expo – this is one of the most talked about improvements in recent versions. It looks amazing and really is useful when you want to drag windows through your workspaces.

There’s a lot more, and the best thing is trying out all the different plugins that exist. Some of them are really cool, others just make you smile. It’s just a matter of taste sometimes. Just have fun trying it out and see what works best for you.


2 responses to “Compiz-Fusion: is it useful ?”

  1. Aaron W says :

    Compiz is useful for one reason, as far as I am concerned, and that is to flex some really neat graphics features while playing on a not-so-“Vista Capable” PC. I’ve got Ubuntu 8.04 with Compiz running on my Acer Aspire (1.6ghz Intel, 512 megs of RAM) and it runs flawlessly.

  2. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    Yes, the graphics are awesome (and it makes Vista-users envy of that), but I think it gives more than that. For me, it also increases productivity as it gives more power to the user (eg: visual feedback or zoom in).

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