New Flash plugin for Linux

Version of the Flash plugin for Linux was recently released. This is excellent news, as the previous version ( had serious performance problems. For me, it was one of my major frustrations in the Linux desktop. Performance was so bad, it kept my CPU over 90% at all times. It depends on the machine, of course, but several people reported the same problem in Adobe’s forums, etc.
This version finally addresses the performance problem and makes my browsing experience a lot more pleasant. It’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than before. So, for now, I’m happy 🙂
That was my only issue with the previous version, but I saw other issues reported that I’m not sure if they were also fixed. From what I can remember, there were some problems on 64-bit machines and lacking support for V4L2 devices. I hope these got fixed too, making Flash support for Linux finally at the same level with other operating systems.
Happy browsing!

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