Gnome-Do: a new way of starting apps

Here’s another application I used everyday: Gnome-Do. Gnome-Do is an application launcher that allows to start applications much faster than going through the menu. It’s not an application launcher for your favorite programs, it indexes all installed programs. It’s based on the concept that it’s be faster to type in the name of the application you want, than to search from an hierarchical menu.

You start Gnome-Do by pressing Win+Space. This will open a small window, waiting for you to input the name of the application you want. As you start typing, auto completion tries to guess the desired application, so that you don’t need to type the complete name. Gnome-Do also adapts to your usage, by learning the applications you normally launch. So after a while is normal that you only need to type the first letter to reach your favorite applications. And this is really a time-saver. But Gnome-Do offers more than just starting applications. Depending on what plugins you have installed, Gnome-Do indexes not only applications, but also documents, contacts, videos, mp3 files, etc. And the actions associated also vary, so that you can do things like: type a contact name and choose to write an email, or send an im message to that person. Or type the name of a song and start playing it in your favorite mp3 player. Or type the name of a file and move it to another directory. As soon as you get used to it, it really is useful and saves a lot of time.

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