Control your expenses with Eqonomize

For some time I had been searching for a tool to help me organize my incomes and expenses. Unitl now I’ve been using an old-fashioned spreadsheet file. It does the job, but it’s a pain to use. It’s a lot nicer to have a simple form to enter your expenses where you can select an expense category from a dropdown box 🙂
So, after a long search and experimenting several applications I choose Eqonomize. And why ? Simply because it’s a lot easier to use than the others. It all depends on what you need and in my case I didn’t much more than an easier way to register my expenses. All other applications had a complex interface with things like payees, investments, ledgers, etc…I tried using them just to track expenses, but it was too complex and I got more value from my good old spreadsheet. Now, finally with Eqonomize I don’t miss my spreadsheet anymore.
Eqonomize also has other features, but they don’t get in the way and that’s crucial for me. I think we can sum the features of Eqonomize by its interface available tabs: Accounts, Expenses, Incomes, Transfers, Securities and Schedule. Picture taken from Eqonomize website:

Eqonomize main screen (taken from Eqonomize website)

In accounts tab you get a nice summary of all expenses and incomes in your accounts, by categories. Categories are fully editable and allow you to specify a monthly budget, which is great.
Expenses shows a list of your expenses (surprise!) and gives you a very user-friendly form at the bottom for you to add new ones.
Incomes interface is very similar to the expenses.
In Transfers you can take money from one account into another. Never used it.
Securities tabs allows you to manage shares, investments, etc. Sincerely I didn’t ananlyze this features as it goes way beyond what I needed for me (and I don’t have much knowledge about financial investments).
Finally, the schedule tab allows you to schedule expenses or incomes.
There’s something more worthy talking about: reporting. Although Eqonomize doesn’t give many reporting options I think it gives the minimum one might need. In fact, I didn’t see in other applications the graphs rendered by Eqonomize. That doesn’t mean they don’t have those graphs. The difference between Eqnomize and others is that the other applications I tried were a lot more flexible in their reporting, but also added more complexity. Eqonomise just gives you 2 charts and 2 reports (not static, you can change several parameters). It’s not much, but are well thought off.
In conclusion, what I like most about Eqonomize is its simplicity, usability and focus. For the task I needed, it’s perfect. It gives me every option I could think of. It’s not as flexible as others in reporting, but it gives the essentials.


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