Simplify Wine with PlayOnLinux

I’m usually quite happy with Linux software, so I don’t use Wine all that much. Normally, I only use Wine to test some web pages in IE. But now and then I have the need to edit some word file that Open Office can’t handle. For that reason I recently installed Microsoft Office on my Ubuntu at work with the help of PlayOnLinux. PlayOnLinux is a program to simplify the installation of several windows applications under wine. The result is very good and I now have microsoft office running flawlessly on Linux.
PlayOnLinux is a very interesting project. It’s essentially a framework for creating scripts that install windows applications. There’s already a good amount of scripts available, most of them for games (that was the original motivation for the project). However, don’t think you have to manually run those scripts. There’s a simple interface that lets you choose which application to install and follow a brief wizard.
If you plan on using any windows application under wine, consider PlayOnLinux that really simplifies all installation issues. Good work.


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    Quite inspiring,

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    This is really helpful in simplifying wine,

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