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It’s not every day I need to use an hex editor. In fact, when I had to edit a file for some strange character, I didn’t have any hex editor installed. After a few searching I decided to install and use Bless. There’s not much we can ask from an hex editor. Just that it does its job well 🙂 And Bless does its job well. The user interface is clean and with a traditional three-column layout (file position, hex data and ascii data). At the bottom you get a conversion table, which is handy if you need some of the bytes in other format (like binary string). One of the cool things that I liked is the way data gets underlined in both the hex and ascii columns in a synchronized way. This eases the browsing experience a lot. On the downside I had a minor problem getting it to work. Bless needs to have configured a directory to which it writes temporary files. When I installed it, this wasn’t configured bey default. However, it’s a problem very easy to solve: just go to Edit -> Preferences and type /tmp (or other) at the Temporary Directory field. Happy hex-editing

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  1. software development uk says :

    That was inspiring,

    Keep up the good work,

    Thanks for bringing this up

  2. Vusi says :

    the best program ever

  3. EUA says :

    If you want real hex editor in linux, instead of Mono based thing, try

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