Archive | November 2008

Still alive

It’s been a long time since I post something in this blog, mostly because I’ve been very busy at work. Nevertheless, I didn’t forget Linux…I couldn’t, I still use it everyday, both at home and work 🙂
I’ve been watching some Linux projects and in the meantime much has happened in the Linux world. For example, in the Ubuntu world, a new release arrived. I already installed it and I’m happy with it. Nothing too fancy has been added, but several small improvements raised my overall satisfaction.

A lot of reviews have already been made, so I’m just going to highlight the most prominent feature, that I’ve also been testing recently: network connection.

We now have an improved Network Manager and better support for 3G cards. As for the the Network Manager, I really like the new interface…it’s easier and more powerfull. We now can manage all kind of connections (ethernet, DSL, Wifi, Broadband 3G, VPN) in one place. Although wifi support was not too bad in the previous version, the new interface makes it easier to add a new connection. At the same time, it gives you more options, making it a lot more powerfull.

As for 3G support, yesterday I tried a 3G USB Pen and worked flawlessly, with almost zero configuration. I was a little reluctant about it, never thought it would work that well. I’m impressed.

I hope to post more often,as I get more free time.
Happy Linuxing!