Radio Tray now supports more online radios

Last weekend I was able to roll out a new version of Radio Tray. This version brings support for "pls" playlist format. This format is used in many online radios, most noticeably on This was a very important addition because it enables users to play more radios. I’m hoping to add more playlist formats in the future, so that Radio Tray can play most online radios.

Unfortunately, GStreamer doesn’t handle playlists, it needs a direct URL to the media file or stream. That’s the reason why Radio Tray’s first version didn’t support any playlist. Because I have to implement that support myself 🙂 However, adding "pls" support wasn’t as hard as I thought at first. It’s basically an ini file. The only problem is that I have first to probe the URL to check if it’s a playlist file or a media stream. And that was very nice exercise. It made me learn a few things about the old HTTP protocol.

Another thing I made in this version was creating a build script to make the .deb package. I’m already using distutils to create the tarball. For those who don’t know, distutils is a python module for distributing python applications. It’s quite easy to create a build script for distutils, and it gives you a source tarball and a binary tarball. Unfortunately, it doesn’t create a .deb package.
For that, I had to create a simple text control file and use the dpkg-deb command. After reading this nice howto, it was also simple to do. I now have a build script that gives me both the source tarball and debian package. It’s better to automate these tedious tasks 😉

I have a few more ideas for future versions of Radio Tray, but I haven’t decided on the roadmap, yet. However, all suggestions are welcomed!

You can download Radio Tray version 0.2 here.


4 responses to “Radio Tray now supports more online radios”

  1. YUP says :

    Archlinux PKGBUILDs are ready:

  2. citakis says :

    Radio Tray is a program I wanted to find for a long time. Thank you for your work.

  3. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    Thank you both. This makes building Radio Tray more motivating 🙂

  4. Elder V. LaCoste says :

    This was a great invention thank you. I use it on Crunchbang Linux and love it! Is there a way to play files already on the hard drive?

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