Adding translation

I got some time this weekend to develop Radio Tray, and as promised I started to add translation support. One gets so used to read and write in english that we end up neglecting our mother language. Everyday I read and write in english, but my mother language is portuguese. I just had to make Radio Tray available in portuguese also 🙂 Of course, that means having it available for all other languages. Well, I’m not proficient in many languages but I hope some of you will help translate the few sentences that Radio Tray has.

Right now, I added i18n support but it still has some issues. I’ll release a new version as soon as I fix these issues. And then I’ll give instructions on how you can help.

I’m also quite happy  (and a little overwhelmed) by the suggestions that keep coming. Some of them I already thought of them before (but I still didn’t have time to implement) but others I didn’t. It’s surprising to see so many possible new features for an apparently simple application.

Have fun


2 responses to “Adding translation”

  1. Vilmantas says :

    Radio Tray works in Ubuntu 10.04?

  2. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    It should, but I haven’t tested it yet. Did you have problems using it ?

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