Radio Tray development news

I want to thank everyone for all the contributions. I’ve received a few interesting contributions to improve radio tray functionality as well as a lot of language translations. Radio Tray now has support for 11 languages!!

There has been a lot of work on improving the development process of radio tray. One of the changes is the use of the Mercurial source code management system, instead of Subversion. All development will now be done on the Mercurial repository, which already has lots of fixes and code re-structuring. The Subversion repository will be soon closed so that no one gets confused which repository to use.
Another change is with the buid script. The tarball will have a different structure and I’m going to need some help to create distribution packages. I’ve always released both a tarball and a debian package. The problem is that, although I called it "debian", it was really meant for Ubuntu. Because of that, some users had some problems making it work on Debian. I think I’m still going to build the Ubuntu deb package, but it would be great if someone could help me do/maintain a Debian package also.

Important note: because of these changes, the code in the mercurial repository is not yet stable. I’ll tell you when everything is running smooth again.

 With all of this, I’m planning to release soon a 0.5.1 version which won’t have any special new features, just some code and gui improvements and of course the contributed translations.I’m aware of some bugs that have been reported and I hope to address those on the following version. I still haven’t decided if there will be a 0.5.2 version, with just bug fixes, or if this bug fixes will be address on version 0.6 (along with some new features).

Talking about new features, the next features (maybe not all of them on 0.6 version) I plan to implement on radio tray are: some more gui improvements and better feedback for the user, DBus interface and support for at least one more playlist format. I have a few more ideas for the future, but one step at time 😉
The cool thing about this project is that I get to learn some cool things that I wanted to learn from some time but never got the chance. DBus is one of the examples. Because I want to add a DBus interface, I now have the chance and motivation to read and learn about it.


12 responses to “Radio Tray development news”

  1. korsairtuga says :

    I love Radio Tray, been looking for something like this for a while.
    Can you create a launchpad repository for it? It would be great in helping spread this app.

  2. Tate says :

    Would be great, if RadioTray can use the ubuntu’s new notification system to show the current track. Appart of the tool tip of course. Maybe an option to show it would be nice.

  3. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @korsairtuga Thanks for liking Radio Tray.
    Launchpad is a great repository, but having too many repositories makes it a little difficult to manage the project. So, for now, I’m just keeping the sourceforge. But thanks for the idea.

  4. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Tate Radio Tray already uses the ubuntu notification system for some events (when a radio starts playing for example). I didn’t add that functionality because I need a way to turn that feature on/off. The reason for that is that it can be a little annoying for some people, and specially using some radios (that push too much information too often). As soon as I make a preferences dialog, I’ll add that feature.

  5. Vilmantas says :

    Waiting for new release to test is my translation correct or no 🙂

  6. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Vilmantas Should be out tomorrow, if all goes well 😉

  7. Vilmantas says :

    OK, waiting 🙂

  8. jens2301 says :

    I would like to see a mini-web-frontend to control radiotray on to sofa 🙂

  9. dp says :

    Problems running radiotray on lucid (actually mint) 64
    Radio tray starts, connects to radio paradise, notification aray shows ok when changing songs, but no sound at all

    pulse audio shows nothing on playback

    this pc is a quad core intel, 4MB ram and 2 sound cards -one on the motherboard the other on pci

    It would be nice to have an option to test sound and configure audio

  10. dp says :

    For some unknown reason, pulse audio shows now radiotray playing so i was able to change from internal to pci and have sound. Ijust stopped and restart radiotray

    thanks again

  11. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @dp I’m glad you solved your problem 🙂 That was probably a pulse issue. I’ve seen many people talking about that kind of issues with pulse

  12. new era hats says :

    pulse audio shows now radiotray playing so i was able to change from internal to pci and have sound.

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