Development towards 0.6

 Hi, I just wanted to tell you that the development of radio tray 0.6 is up and running. I’ve been receiving more contributions , which is great. Thanks to Ed Bruck, Radio Tray now has volume control, by using the scroll wheel on the icon. It’s pretty cool. I then added that information to the tooltip to improve feedback to the user. Here’s how it looks:


Another cool thing added is a DBus interface. Having a DBus interface means that the doors are open for other applications to interact with radio tray. Here’s the list of functions available trough DBus:

  • listRadios()
  • getCurrentRadio()
  • playRadio(name)
  • turnOff()
  • volumeUp()
  • volumeDown()
  • getCurrentMetaData()

It’s possible that some more might be added, like mute(), etc. So, basically I’m hoping someone finds this interesting and start making all sort of integrations šŸ™‚ There’s also a "" in the repository, so if you have no experience with DBus and want to hack into radio tray, it should now be easy.

So, despite all of this, there’s still much work to finish version 0.6. Although I’ll probably postpone some features to version 0.7, there’s also bug list to attack. I want to close down most of the bugs for this next version.

Stay tuned and happy listening.


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  1. Marildo Dantas says :

    I’m a brazilian guy and I loved Radio Tray. I added some local radios but some errors were noticed. E.g.

  2. Tate says :

    Hey, this is shaping nicely. One idea… is there a chance to have an option to save the tracks played by the radios in a text file?. Will be very handy, since some ppl like to keep an history of what listened.

    Thanks, aside from that maybe some integration with emesene (and amsn) would be great, so far i haven’t found an app that can show what i’m listening on msn (audacious and qmmp don’t do it, but i can in winamp on my work :S)


  3. Fabiusss says :

    I think Radio Tray is great software! In the future will be support Ram format too (BBC radio channels use that format)? I’d like to support your job about Radio Tray with little donation: how can i do to send you my little donation by paypal? Thanks a lot. Bye.

  4. oleg says :


  5. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Marildo Thanks for using Radio Tray. I’ve added that radio to my TODO list.

  6. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Tate I’ve never thought of recording a list of tracks played. What can you do with it later ?

    Yes, integration with emesene and pidgin would be great. In fact, from the Radio Tray point of view the work is done. Anyone can now (as soon as 0.6 is released) develop a plugin to any app and get that information.

  7. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Fabiusss Thank you. I’ve thought of adding Ram support before, but I still haven’t bumped into any radio using that format, so I thought it was just not very common nowdays. I’m going to check BBC channel then (strange enough I haven’t checked that before).

    Till now, I hadn’t thought of donations…maybe I never thought someone would want to donate to the development of such a simple application as Radio Tray. Guess I was wrong šŸ™‚ Thank you for your contribution, this really makes me feel that the development is greatly appreciated. I’ve now configured the donations on sourceforge ( so that anyone can use it.

  8. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Oleg Thank you for your enthusiasm šŸ™‚

  9. Ice-Cream says :

    It would be cool if you could add a record-button. Allowing streamripper to record the streams.

  10. Tate says :

    Well… the text list of the tracks can be handy in order to know more about the artits and buy the record later (or another things…)
    So… a plugin for emesene for example won’t be too different as the current ones?. I mean, the one for audacious can be “cloned” to get the info of radio tray.


  11. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Ice-Cream Thanks for the suggestion. Several people already asked for this. It won’t be in the next version, but I’ll consider it for future versions.

  12. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Tate Ok, I understood better the intention. As for the emesene plugin…I’ve never looked into emesene’s plugin system but I presume it should be similar to all other plugins. Audacious plugin probably uses DBus also. It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone that wants to do something with Radio Tray DBus interface.

  13. Tajidin Abd says :

    a good suggestion is to have it to integrate with messengers like pidgin empathy gyachi emesene so when you listen to the radio player it shows radio station in the status.

  14. Emanuel Sprung says :

    Appreciate your work! Btw: There is a small link bug on the page. Deb-Package is linked against tarball and tarball agains .deb…

  15. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Tajidin Abd Yes, it was exactly for that kind of integration that I added dbus integration. I’m not saying I will make all those plugins, I hope someone with experience on those apps can make a small plugin for Radio Tray šŸ™‚

  16. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Emanuel Sprung Thanks. Oops šŸ™‚ Fixed now.

  17. Tajidin abd says :

    @Carlos Ribeiro well i guess i had to sit down and see what i can do cause i seen this with Rhythmbox with empathy and it works very good. i didn checkout the repo and was looking at that

  18. giorgio says :

    I like radio tray very much. I wish a better support for radio that use ram (BBC and Italian RAI) . infact I’m not able to listen to BBC 3 with radio tray (no codec error) while on rhythmbox the same url plays fine. With Rai I have to restart radiotray each time I switch from a ram station to any other because it gets stucked… But those are little things. I like it very much

  19. Edwin says :

    Nice app! Thanks. But your current version doesn’t work with many stations that have .wax, .aps, .asx and .pls as extension. For example:



  20. Chris Barker says :

    Hi, Great app! Just need support for more codecs like WMA. Many commercial stations in the US use this codec. I can already play these in RhythmBox so I have the codecs installed. Just need Radio Tray to recognize! Thanks!

  21. Fernando says :

    @Edwin and all others trying to set working radios url’s. Try them (if not working in Radio Tray) on VLC: Ctrl+N set the URL and once playing, check the media info with Ctrl+I, copy the “Location” to Radio Tray and will work.
    Edwin, your working url radios in Radio Tray for KinkFM, Kink ClassX, and Veronica are:

    Have fun!

  22. Englander says :


    Terrific application! However, I would like to suggest that you incorporate a full internet radio list (alright, maybe not full – there are thousands…) like the developer did with Screamer Radio for Windows (

    All the best.

  23. noiv says :

    Excellent netbook application. I’d like to propose an autostart option and to share a station:

  24. giorgio says :

    Please can you provide a .rpm package for fedora 13? not everyone is able to compile from source

  25. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Giorgio I haven’t made an RPM so far, have little experience with the format. But I know other people are working on it. See

  26. Raghuram Onti Srinivasan says :

    I love radiotray. Thanks for all the effort. I wanted to know if there are keyboard shortcuts to change radio stations?

  27. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Raghuram Onti Srinivasan

    Currently, it doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts for changing stations. However, it should have (through media keys) in the near future.

  28. LED Watches says :

    Please can you provide a .rpm package for fedora 13? not everyone is able to compile from source

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