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Radio Tray 0.6 released

Finally the long awaited 0.6 version is finished and released. You can grab it at the usual location on sourceforge:

This is a big release and there’s much to tell. However, first I’d like to thank everyone that contributed to this version of Radio Tray.  I’d like to specially thank the efforts of Og Maciel, Ed Bruck and Behrooz Shabani. These contributions were essential to the success of this release. But many more people have contributed for this release in some way. I’d like to also thank everyone that pushed Radio Tray into their favourite distributions repository. Radio Tray is now present on almost all major distributions and some others not so well known 🙂 I would like to list them here, but I would probably miss some of them, and that would be unfair.

So, let’s see what’s new.


DBus support

 I’ve blogged about this feature before. This is one of features I really wanted to implement from day one. DBus support allow for all kinds of interaction with Radio Tray. Just to summarise what you can do with it: list all the bookmarked radios, stop and play a specific radio and get info about the currently playing radio. I hope this feature opens up the door to many interesting interactions with Radio Tray.

MPRIS support

 This is the first visible result of the availability of DBus. MPRIS (Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification) is a standard protocol used by many media players to allow interaction and information gathering. It’s basically a standard way to "talk" to media players. By implementing this, all MPRIS clients can interact with Radio Tray. An example of this is Pidgin. If you install the MusicTracker plugin on pidgin, and have Radio Tray running, the song and radio information is published through Pidgin.

Media Keys

 As the name implies, this makes Radio Tray controllable by the keyboard media keys. This was a common request and is quite handy. You can now pause/resume the available radios through your keyboard media keys. I haven’t tested this on many different platforms though and may not work for everyone because it’s using Gnome support. However, it should work on every Gnome desktop at least.


Volume Control

 Radio Tray volume can now be controlled by using the mouse scroll-wheel. The volume level will be displayed in the tooltip as you’re scrolling. You can also control this through DBus. One cool thing is that volume level will be saved across sessions 😉


 You can now add separators between bookmarks. This will hopefully help organise your bookmarks better.

Improved playlist support

 Playlist support was a little naive in previous versions and because of that some playlist formats weren’t supported at 100%. There was a lot of work on this and hopefully this version will fix most of the issues with radios that couldn’t be played. Let’s hope no new bugs were introduced in the process 😉

More playlist formats supported

 Along with the redesign of playlist decoding, a few more playlist formats are now supported. One of them is ASF, which I talked about in the latest post. There’s also support for RAM, which is not that common, except for BBC at least. And finally, XSPF which is a very nice playlist format.

Updated Translations

 A lot of the translations were updated and some new ones were added. Thanks to all translators for this.

Configuration file

 Apart from the bookmarks file, now there’s a configuration file in XML that holds a few configuration values. Right now, the only configurable options are the volume levels and the notifications. Adding an option to disable notifications was something that I wanted to add because some radios push their metadata way too often. Several users also complained about this.
However, I decided to leave them enabled by default. If you want to disable notifications you’ll have to edit the configuration file ($HOME/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml) and change the "enabled_notifications" option from "true" to "false". Hopefully someday there will be a gui for this 🙂


 A lot of other things were left out for this version. Some of them are small issues and others not so small. I haven’t decided on the roadmap for next version yet, but it’s probable that a smaller release (0.6.1) will be made to fix some of the smaller issues that couldn’t be fixed for this version. As long with bugfixes that might arise with version 0.6.

Well, Hope you like this version. Happy listening.


0.6 almost done

I just wanted to tell you all that version 0.6 is almost complete. It needs just a few more tests and if everything is fine, should be out this week. I’m preparing a post to show off every new feature 🙂

I would like to thank everyone that contributed to this version, as a developer and as a translator. Speaking of translations, Radio Tray now has 20 languages, which is incredible! However, not all of them are 100% complete, so, for all of you that are helping translate and if you have the time, please visit the translation page before Radio Tray 0.6 is released.

This is it for now. Stay tuned for the upcoming release in the next days 😉