Archive | July 2010

Recent developments on Radio Tray

I’ve recently configured Trac as the new bug tracker for Radio Tray. This substitutes Sourceforge’s internal Tracker. I decided to do this because SF’s Tracker is a little cumbersome to use and has very little flexibility on the admin side. Trac is not perfect, but I think it has better usability and gives me a lot more flexibility. So, this means I will be disabling Sourceforge Tracker very soon. Unfortunately I can’t make it just read-only. The only option is to hide the Tracker completely. However, I moved all the active issues to Trac, so you can check those issues there. I also updated Radio Tray’s homepage a bit: added a link to Trac (should have added a long time ago) and I also added a donation button, as some users very kindly suggested. Although Radio Tray development doesn’t have any direct costs, any donation will, of course, be used indirectly to improve the project (most likely converted as technical books or perhaps better artwork).

As for version 0.6.1 development, work has been going along a bit slow, but I hope to speed things up a bit these next few days. This version is mostly a bugfix version, although some new features might be added if finished on time. I don’t want to postpone this version for too long, so it’s probable that I release it as soon as all bug fixes are complete, regardless of the new features.

That’s it for now… Happy listening and remember to please use the new bug tracker to submit any issue you find or for some feature suggestion.