Recent developments on Radio Tray

I’ve recently configured Trac as the new bug tracker for Radio Tray. This substitutes Sourceforge’s internal Tracker. I decided to do this because SF’s Tracker is a little cumbersome to use and has very little flexibility on the admin side. Trac is not perfect, but I think it has better usability and gives me a lot more flexibility. So, this means I will be disabling Sourceforge Tracker very soon. Unfortunately I can’t make it just read-only. The only option is to hide the Tracker completely. However, I moved all the active issues to Trac, so you can check those issues there. I also updated Radio Tray’s homepage a bit: added a link to Trac (should have added a long time ago) and I also added a donation button, as some users very kindly suggested. Although Radio Tray development doesn’t have any direct costs, any donation will, of course, be used indirectly to improve the project (most likely converted as technical books or perhaps better artwork).

As for version 0.6.1 development, work has been going along a bit slow, but I hope to speed things up a bit these next few days. This version is mostly a bugfix version, although some new features might be added if finished on time. I don’t want to postpone this version for too long, so it’s probable that I release it as soon as all bug fixes are complete, regardless of the new features.

That’s it for now… Happy listening and remember to please use the new bug tracker to submit any issue you find or for some feature suggestion.


30 responses to “Recent developments on Radio Tray”

  1. dreamfish says :

    Hello. You’ve just been featured on Lifehacker (, which is how I came across Radio Tray. Thanks for this app – it’s just what I’ve been looking for!

  2. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    It’s really nice to see so much feedback. It keeps motivation high! Thanks

  3. Ashish says :

    Hi! I saw a friend using Radio Tray and I liked it. But turns out there is no Windows version? Unless someone is working on it, I would like to get started with it. (Would take be about 3 weeks from now to begin.) An email would be very nice.

  4. Ashish says :

    Also src/ and src/ causes Case Collision on Windows (and most probably on Mac OS X too).

  5. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    Hi Ashish,

    Well, it was never my intention to port Radio Tray to Windows or Mac. I have nothing against it, if you want to do it, I think it’s great. But I’m not sure how you plan to do it…maybe you can send me an email and we talk it over better. Thanks

  6. Raj Kumar says :

    Just came across Radio Tray in ‘tech drive-in’ today. Exactly what I wanted.Thank you.

  7. peter says :

    Thumbs up if it can also do old fashioned radio card for over the air FM radio. I know there is already gnomeradio and other programs but still.. Radio Tray seems like pretty a great idea.

  8. Ashish says :

    @Carlos: I emailed you on one of your IDs Google found for me. Seems like my email didn’t get through. My email is on (CAPTCHA).

  9. Boufonman35 says :

    I realy like radio tray but one option is missing … how can i disable notifications ?
    I love notifications systeme but here there is too much notification when i listen to my favorite radio.
    Add the option: Use notification / Don’t use notification

    Ps: that’s just an idea ๐Ÿ˜€ But it will be great !

  10. John says :

    Awesome light weight app. Thanks for putting in the time to bring this radio player to life!

  11. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Boufonman35 You can disable notifications in the configuration file (there’s no gui for it yet). Go to ~/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml and change the “enabled_notifications” property to false.

  12. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @John Thanks.

  13. nuddernuby says :

    Here’s a dumb newbie question: can you recommend a good classical radio station that I could set up on Tray Radio?

  14. Ed Bruck says :

    @nuddernuby try KDFC & CBC Classical:

    102.1 KDFC

    CBC Classical

  15. dreamfish says :

    @nuddernuby: Two classical stations I’d recommend:

    Classic FM (
    WCPE (

  16. dreamfish says :

    Looks like there is a problem with delayed postings (hence Ed and myself posting twice as we thought the first one was lost!)

  17. Mike Smith says :

    Hey, I just wanted to say that Radio Tray is awesome. I love lightweight apps that do one thing but do them very well. It stays out of my way but I know it’s there diligently playing my online radio streams.

    One thing that I would love to see is the ability to drag and drop .pls files into the ‘Configure Radios’ window. Or, if not drag and drop then at least an import button.

    Keep up the great work!

  18. Mike Smith says :

    Sorry, one more thing…if possible, please also make the OSDNotify discontinue showing a radio stream that has been changed quickly. For example, if I change a radio station it will begin showing the station name but if I change my mind and pick another one it will still show the previous station until the duration is up which is slow.

  19. dreamfish says :

    Just thought I’d share a little trick to share bookmark lists across installations of radiotray using Dropbox: move your bookmarks.xml into a Dropbox directory and, on each machine, change the actual bookmarks.xml (in .local/share/radiotray/) to a soft link. It works perfectly and an update on any one machine is reflected everywhere!

    @Mike Smith: apparently this is a known issue and has already been logged in the bug tracker

  20. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @dreamfish Some comments are being caught by the spam filter unfortunately. I’ll try to keep a closer eye to that.

  21. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Mike Smith Thanks for your comments and for your suggestions. Like dreamfish said, the problem with the notification system is already documented and it should be addressed on the next versions.

  22. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @dreamfish Thanks for that tip. I’m sure a lot of users will appreciate that.

  23. Ed Bruck says :

    @dreamfish The new reload bookmarks (next rev) will help when they’ve changed and radiotray was loaded with the older version.

  24. yaco says :

    Impossible to run RadioTray with ubuntu 9.04
    (needs python-gtk2 (>= 2.16.0) )


  25. Boufonman35 says :

    Thanks for the tip to disable notifications !

  26. alex tudor says :

    pleaseee, can you try to make a versione for MAC alsooo , pleaseee . i realy love it using in ubuntu but under virtualbox in a mac. i realy hope u will work for a versione also for mac users, that will be great my friend. thanks also, just here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @alex The problem is that I don’t own a Mac, so I wouldn’t even know where to start ๐Ÿ™‚

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