Archive | September 2010

Release 0.6.1

Although technically it’s not Sunday anymore, I finally released Radio Tray 0.6.1, as promised. Initially, I was planning to make this version just a bug-fix release, but some new features were getting done, and so this release has a few new things. Most of them, thanks to Ed Bruck’s help.


What’s new


  •  Fixed several problems with playlist parsing. This should increase stability and make most of the problematic radios that didn’t work play. I tested with some of the radio stations that didn’t work in previous versions and most of them work great now.
  • Added sub-menus to the bookmark list. You can now organise your favorite radios a lot easier. This implied a few changes to the underlying bookmarks file structure. Theoretically, old version files should get updated to the new format gracefully. Nevertheless, it’s always best to backup your bookmarks file, first.
  • More stations added to the  default bookmarks file. This will be visible only for new installs. Existing bookmarks should not be substituted. You can still inspect the bundled bookmarks file manually (located at /usr/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml) and add the radios you like.
  • Added option to reload bookmarks. This is handy if you synchronise your bookmarks file with dropbox or other remote location.
  • Fixed a lot of other small problems, like desktop notification issues, better UI in dialogs, etc
  • Finally, some translations got upgraded a few new ones were added. Unfortunately, due to Transifex refresh problem that I talked about in the previous post, most of the translation files weren’t updated. As soon as most of them get updated I might release a new version just to include those.

Thanks for using Radio Tray and I hope you like this version.


0.6.1 finished but release delayed a few days

Hi everyone. Radio Tray 0.6.1 is finally almost finished. Coding is complete, but I’m giving a few more days until release to allow translators to update translations. I don’t know what happened to Transifex, it normally picks up the changes automatically, but this time I had to manually tell it to refresh and recognise the newer translatable strings. I’m sorry, I just figured out today that Transifex wasn’t picking up the changes.

So, this means I was about to release 0.6.1 today, but now I’ll wait until Sunday. After that I’m going away on vacations, but before leaving, I wanted to leave you all with a fresh new release of Radio Tray 🙂

So, if you have the time, please update the pending translations as a few more translatable text was added. Thank you all.