Release 0.6.1

Although technically it’s not Sunday anymore, I finally released Radio Tray 0.6.1, as promised. Initially, I was planning to make this version just a bug-fix release, but some new features were getting done, and so this release has a few new things. Most of them, thanks to Ed Bruck’s help.


What’s new


  •  Fixed several problems with playlist parsing. This should increase stability and make most of the problematic radios that didn’t work play. I tested with some of the radio stations that didn’t work in previous versions and most of them work great now.
  • Added sub-menus to the bookmark list. You can now organise your favorite radios a lot easier. This implied a few changes to the underlying bookmarks file structure. Theoretically, old version files should get updated to the new format gracefully. Nevertheless, it’s always best to backup your bookmarks file, first.
  • More stations added to the  default bookmarks file. This will be visible only for new installs. Existing bookmarks should not be substituted. You can still inspect the bundled bookmarks file manually (located at /usr/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml) and add the radios you like.
  • Added option to reload bookmarks. This is handy if you synchronise your bookmarks file with dropbox or other remote location.
  • Fixed a lot of other small problems, like desktop notification issues, better UI in dialogs, etc
  • Finally, some translations got upgraded a few new ones were added. Unfortunately, due to Transifex refresh problem that I talked about in the previous post, most of the translation files weren’t updated. As soon as most of them get updated I might release a new version just to include those.

Thanks for using Radio Tray and I hope you like this version.


37 responses to “Release 0.6.1”

  1. Mike says :

    I really appreciate the continued development on this project. I am using Radio Tray at least 12 hours a day, no joke. You made listening to online radio dead simple.

  2. Mike says :

    Love the program, I use it all day long. Thanks for adding submenus, but my questions is, how do you move your stations into a submenu? (I’m assuming ‘group’ means submenu) I can’t see a way to do that.


  3. Og Maciel says :

    Thanks for the release and my apologies for not being a part of it. Life has kept me really busy these last few months but I still follow the commits just to make sure I keep up with the project. As always, Foresight Linux already has it packaged and available. 🙂



  4. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Mike Thank you very much. As for the groups and sub-menus, I think the wording got a little confusing. “move group” should just be called “move” as it moves anything, both sub-menus and stations. You should use that to move a station into a sub-menu.

  5. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    Hi Og, you already helped a lot with this project! Thank you for updating Foresight’s package.

  6. NotQuiteDilbert says :

    Any chance you could make a version that worked on Cairo-Dock?

  7. dreamfish says :

    Many thanks to Carlos and Ed. These are all great improvements and I look forward to Radio Tray going from strength to strength. I use it every day!

  8. mike says :

    @carlos That makes sense and it works. Thanks. The submenus are just great.

  9. Keith says :

    Love the app, use it all day. Simple, small and clean. I would love for you to add a feature to have it auto-start on loading desktop. Would make it easier instead of having to hunt for it every time I reboot.


  10. Linu74 says :

    Is there a Chance to get Replay the Radiolist for the Program ? Cause the Radiostation that i listen to, end’s after 1 Hour automatic. Sorry for bad English


  11. dreamfish says :

    @Keith: On Ubuntu, you can add the radiotray app to ‘Startup Applications’, which is in the Preferences Menu. For the command, use ‘/usr/bin/radiotray’

  12. Michael says :

    I’ve used Radio Tray since version one and haven’t had any problems before 0.6.1. In earlier versions I only had to replace the default bookmarks.xml with my own to have my own stations list, but that doesn’t work in 0.6.1. Radio Tray won’t open after doing that. Is there another way to add my own list(which is so long it would take hours to add stations one by one)?
    Or should I just stay with 0.6?
    Otherwise a fantastic piece of software

  13. Ed Bruck says :

    @Michael If you edited the bookmark file by hand then there could be a formatting error that the latest version doesn’t like. Could you run from the command line and capture any errors displayed? Please create a bug report with this output along with your bookmarks.xml so we can have a look.

  14. sam says :

    when radio tray will be support record stream?

  15. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @sam Not sure really. Before that happening I want to develop a plugin system. I think stream recording should be done through a plugin to maintain Radio Tray clean and minimal. As soon as we have a plugin system, anyone can start working on such plugin..

  16. dreamfish says :

    Carlos: as regards the comment on recording, I would suggest you keep the functionality of radiotray simple and focussed on audio streaming and don’t look to expand it to do too many things, as experience demonstrates such apps have poor performance (in terms of both responsiveness and memory usage), have too many dependencies and often end up with the core functionality being neglected and not working so well.

    Just a friendly suggestion 🙂

  17. Woodzy says :

    How do I get it to auto-start a station when I launch the program? otherwise it’s awesome!

  18. Kai König says :

    First off, thanks for that great app – i especially like the clean, straight-forward way.
    BUT if i try to play the following station
    the pulseaudio-server maxes out at 100%CPU and no sound is being played.

    Would need some help to sort that out.


  19. Kai König says :

    Never mind…
    had something to do with switching output from 7.1 to 2CH

  20. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Woodzy Right now you can’t. As an alternative you can pass an URL as a parameter when starting Radio Tray. You can then hack a script that always starts your desired station. It’s not perfect, but it works as a workaround 😉

  21. Ricardo says :

    Congratulations on the project.
    Excellent software I use it every day.
    Long life to the project and the developers.
    Apologies for mistakes in grammar, the same phrase is written down in Portuguese.

    Parabéns pelo projeto.
    Exelente software utilizo ele todo os dias.
    Vida long ao projeto e os desenvolvedores

  22. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Ricardo Thank you and muito obrigado 🙂

  23. rocket16 says :

    An excellent piece of software. It is the best radio app on Linux. But it would have been even better, if there were 1. Pidgin’s “Now listening” (set status) support integrated with it. 2. A pause button, to pause daily news like “Namaskar Bharat” which it can play nicely. When played in GStreamer, the pause functionality is utilised.

  24. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @rocket16 Thank you. As a matter of fact I have a solution for both problems 🙂
    You can get integration with Pidgin if you install the “musictracker” plugin on Pidgin. If set to auto-detect, it will detect Radio Tray and display the current song.
    As for pause, you can pause in 2 different ways: middle button on the radio tray icon, or through a multimedia keyboard pause button (if on gnome).

  25. wolf says :

    Your app is great!
    Can you add:
    1. autoplay last radio station after open radio tray
    2. click recording streaming. Something like, I click a then wget downloading the stream.
    3. move config and bookmarks files to $HOME/.radiotray

  26. Jim says :

    Awesome little app. Good stuff. Thanks. I hope you’ll continue to add updates from time to time too 😉

  27. Maallgan says :

    I try to install the Ubuntu deb, but get error message:

    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: python-central

  28. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Maallgan If you are using Ubuntu, you should have python-central. Unless you have a very old version (see

  29. Kyle says :

    I just found out about this application (thanks to stumbleupon) and I love it! Thank you so much for making it.

  30. Celio Goetten says :

    Very nice app. Keep it simple!!

  31. claudiu v. says :

    Thank you for your work. Did you know there is a similar great free player for windows here
    How about importing this big stations database, or at least making it possible to import manually by user ?

  32. Al says :

    Is radio-tray for gnome only? It won’t work for me in xfce?

  33. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Al It’s not gnome only, but it’s true that it’s my main environment, so things get tested a bit more on that. It should work on xfce though. Can you file a bug on the issue you’re having ? thanks

  34. Gion says :

    Amazing!! Radio tray is exacly what I was looking for!!!
    Is it going to work under KDE too???

  35. Co6aka says :

    Thanks for a great app! Here’s a new feature suggestion: When you hover over the icon it displays the currently playing track info — add the ability to right-click on the info and have it copied to the clipboard.

  36. Thunder says :

    Simply the best ! hold on and please continue to improve

  37. new era hats says :

    things get tested a bit more on that. It should work on xfce though.

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