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I’m using Transifex for quite a while and has been working great. However, I didn’t pay enough attention to their latest upgrade, so the translation files unfortunately got a little out of sync with the code in the repository. I was finishing up for releasing 0.6.2, until I found that new translations weren’t being added to the repository. After reading the changes made by Transifex upgrade, I found that I had to change a few things in the whole process. Transifex doesn’t commit to the repository anymore. Now, there’s a command line tool to fetch the changes made in Transifex and merge them with the local files. I just made those changes and updated everything in Transifex. I hope no translations were lost in this process. I’d like to thank all the translators for all the effort to translate Radio Tray. I’m sorry I didn’t discover this sooner. I’m releasing Radio Tray soon, so it’s probable that most languages don’t get 100% coverage. However, if in the coming days, many translators update to 100% I don’t mind releasing a version 0.6.3 with just those changes. Thank you.

Having said that, I have to say I prefered Transifex’s previous version over this one, but it’s a great tool nevertheless. The reason i liked the previous version more, it’s really simple: for me, as a service, Transifex did more with less work from my side. Now, it still works, but we have one more tool installed that needs to be run on our machine, be it manually (when we remember) or automatically (after creating some sort of script). So, it was added more complexity for the user. Nevertheless, I understand that it was getting overwhelming having to sync with so many repositories. And I have to congratulate the Transifex team for their great service, despite all that.


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  1. Dimitris Glezos says :

    I was thrilled to read this blog post.. thanks for the good comments, we are happy you are enjoying the service!

    We know 1.0 was a major upgrade, but we’re happy that now we’re able to do so many more stuff than before. Some developers have integrated the ‘tx pull’ command in their packaging scripts and don’t even have to worry about it.

    Let us know if you’d like any new features or have any questions. =)

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