0.6.2 is finally ready

Radio Tray 0.6.2 is finally here. Here are the highlights for this version:

Added a "- – resume" parameter to play the last radio station before radio trays was shut down. It’s a command line parameter, so if you want to do this everytime, it’s best to change the command in a launcher or in the startup apps (if you happen to have radio tray start on system startup).


Added appindicator support. This is an Ubuntu-only feature. For now, you can still use the usual interface, but on Ubuntu’s next version there’s no system tray, so this appindicator support is the only way to run Radio Tray. Unfortunately, the appindicator is a lot less flexible than the common system tray. Using radio tray with appindicator support means that there’s no tooltips and no mouse-scroll to control volume.

There’s now a sleep timer integrated in radio tray, so that you can all go to sleep listening to radio tray 😉 This feature will probably change in the future. In future version we plan to offer a plugin environment and this feature is a clear candidate for being a plugin.

The main objective for this verson was to fix some bugs, and a lot of them were fixed. There’s still a few in the bugtracker that couldn’t be solved for this version, but next versions will try to fix them. I’d like to thank all  translators for their effort. We now have more languages supported!

As usual, any issues you might find with this version, please report them in the bugtracker.

Thank you all for your support and happy listening 😉


5 responses to “0.6.2 is finally ready”

  1. Andrew says :

    Unfortunately it fails to start on Ubuntu 10.10… I’ve submitted a bug on it, maybe you can take a look.

  2. Ed Bruck says :

    @Andrew I’ve fixed the problem. There should be a new build coming.

  3. Bill says :

    Version 0.63 does not appear to load in Ubuntu 11.04. I know Unity is a bit different…is this an extension of the 10.10 load issue, or something new? Appreciate your feedback.

  4. ddr ram says :

    After a great time 0.6.2 is finally ready .I think it is very much exciting news for us all.

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