Archive | June 2011

bugfix release soon

 Radio Tray is approaching release 0.6.4, which is just a bugfix release. It wasn’t initially planned, as a lot of work is being done in a different branch and involves a major code rewrite. However, a few bugs needed fixing, so, it’s best to release this minor release.

Translations were one of the big issues solved, as there were lots of un-translatable strings throughout the application. Hopefully, we tracked them all down (thanks to Valdur for his precious help hunting them down). So, everything is now updated on Transifex and I ask all translators if they could update the corresponding translations, so that 0.6.4 gets everything updated 🙂

Meanwhile, a lot of work was already done for the upcoming 0.7 version, which I shall blog about it soon. It’s mostly under the hood things, but hopefully, it will be easier to add new feature from now on.

Update: Ok, I talked too soon 😦 There seems to be a problem on Transifex and although yesterday everything was fine on Transifex, today it seems the new strings disappeared and we’re back to the old version. I already sent them the issue. I’ll tell you when this is fixed. Sorry for the confusion 😦