bugfix release soon

 Radio Tray is approaching release 0.6.4, which is just a bugfix release. It wasn’t initially planned, as a lot of work is being done in a different branch and involves a major code rewrite. However, a few bugs needed fixing, so, it’s best to release this minor release.

Translations were one of the big issues solved, as there were lots of un-translatable strings throughout the application. Hopefully, we tracked them all down (thanks to Valdur for his precious help hunting them down). So, everything is now updated on Transifex and I ask all translators if they could update the corresponding translations, so that 0.6.4 gets everything updated πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, a lot of work was already done for the upcoming 0.7 version, which I shall blog about it soon. It’s mostly under the hood things, but hopefully, it will be easier to add new feature from now on.

Update: Ok, I talked too soon 😦 There seems to be a problem on Transifex and although yesterday everything was fine on Transifex, today it seems the new strings disappeared and we’re back to the old version. I already sent them the issue. I’ll tell you when this is fixed. Sorry for the confusion 😦



6 responses to “bugfix release soon”

  1. MIke says :

    Thanks you for the news and your work.
    For me, beside of AWN, it’s in my autostart and daily using.
    Again, thanks a lot, we appreciate your work! πŸ™‚

  2. Markus says :

    Dear radiotray developers,

    first of all: great application..!! This is a role model for a simplistic and just works perfectly well application that stays in the background but serving its purpose *thumbs up*

    One thing struck me, maybe you can clarify or help. I am putting my bookmarks.xml file on a public partition to be shared among all users (and link it into each users .local/share/radiotray folder. This way it is read-only for all users except me. If read-only radiotray refuses to start. When I delete this link, startup with then newly built bookmarks file, delete bookmarks, and replace with read-only link again radiotray works after reloading stations as intended.

    Is that a bug or by design?

    Keep up this excellent work,


  3. giuseppe says :

    Hi, I have a question.
    If I launch radiotray from terminal and play a web radio, at the end of checking configurations, radiotray show me the name of songs played.

    Something like this:

    Loading configuration…
    PLS playlist decoder
    M3U playlist decoder
    ASX-familiy playlist decoder
    XSPF playlist decoder
    ASF playlist decoder
    RAM playlist decoder
    Using url timeout = 100
    Requesting stream… http://minnesota.publicradio.org/tools/play/streams/the_current.pls
    Metadata obtained…
    Content-Type: audio/x-scpls
    Checking decoder
    Stream is readable by PLS Playlist Decoder
    Downloading playlist…
    Playlist downloaded
    Decoding playlist…
    Play http://currentstream1.publicradio.org:80/
    Requesting stream… http://currentstream1.publicradio.org:80/
    Metadata obtained…
    Content-Type: audio/mpeg
    Checking decoder
    TITLE: The Current – Minnesota Public Radio
    TITLE: Superchunk – Crossed Wires
    TITLE: Husker Du – Makes No Sense At All
    TITLE: The Current – Minnesota Public Radio
    TITLE: Regina Spektor – Hotel Song
    TITLE: The Current – Minnesota Public Radio
    TITLE: The Horrors – Still Life

    Now I don’t understand if a log file is created when radiotray start with the list of songs.
    Can you explain me, thank’s.

  4. Wacholder says :

    at first I have to say ab big “thank you” for this nice program. I have installed radiotray (0.6.4) in my autostart. As a parameter i give a url to start playing. Since some weeks it doesn’t work. I will get an “configuration window”. Im working here with LMDE. I had a look in the source and found in the RadioTray.py in line 66 to 70 (starts with “#chooser”…) perhaps the reason for the problem. These lines will delete the url entry and start up the window. I think it’s a bug.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  5. Lopo says :

    Great app. Thanks. My mother sure thanks you on this one πŸ™‚

    In any case I notice that, in 0.6.4, the grey icon that appeared when Radio was off is no longer available.

  6. Milam says :

    I was having problems, at least with the previous version, of getting BBC radio to play. They make use of asx to stream. By installing the gstreamer bad plugin package I am now able to get those to play. Just thought I would share. Great app, love it!

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