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Released 0.6.4 version of Radio Tray

I just released version 0.6.4 of Radio Tray. As I said earlier, this is a bugfix release. There’s still a lot of issues in the bug tracker, but we can’t postpone a release forever 🙂

The only new feature in this release is a configuration dialog that opens the first time Radio Tray is started. It allows the user to choose between the two available versions: system tray and app indicator (Ubuntu). That option is saved in the usual config.xml file, that is situated in the user’s home (~/.local/share/radiotray) and that dialog never shows up again. Well, unless radio tray is started with the parameter "–config". This parameter is useful in case someone chooses a version that is not available on the system. It can then start radio tray again and choose the other option.

The reason for this is because, although exciting, the linux desktop is a little chaotic right now. I cannot distribute Radio Tray with the system tray version by default, because it won’t work out-of-the-box in recent Ubuntu releases. But I also can’t release it as app indicator by default, because it wouldn’t make sense for all other distributions that don’t use app indicator (and also for older releases of Ubuntu). This dialog is a compromise, that hopefully will help first time users.


Nevertheless, I know this doesn’t make sense for distributions that definitely don’t have app indicator support. But don’t worry, there’s a now a default configuration file (/usr/share/radiotray/config.xml), that is later copied to the users config directory, with a property that allows three choices: systray, appindicator and chooser. I ask all packagers to please take this into consideration and alter the value accordingly. For example, for a distribution that doesn’t have appindicator, it doesn’t make sense to show the dialog, so the default option should be systray. In Ubuntu, however, the default choice should probably be appindicator. For all the rest, that might have both options, use chooser.

I think this covers all situations…except maybe Gnome 3, but I still want to take a look at that and hopefully create a gui version for Gnome 3 in future releases.

About the future, I’m not sure if there will be a 0.6.5 (bugfix release) or instead the long awaited 0.7.



Transifex problems solved

Ok, so I think I solved the issues with Transifex and translations strings are now correct. I hope that our translators can now start updating so that by the end of the week this bug fix release can be finally launched 🙂