Archive | August 2011

Radio Tray in the News

It’s always great to see recognition of our work. I’ve always received very good feedback from our users, which is great and has kept me motivated to keep improving Radio Tray. One other thing that is great is to discover an article talking about your work. Recently, Radio Tray was featured in Linux Magazine, with a two-page article. Amazing 🙂 I know that Radio Tray was already featured in several blogs and websites related to Linux and Open Source, which is awesome. Nevertheless, it feels different when you see the work you’ve made printed on a magazine 🙂 Also, for those of you that might know Portuguese, you can also listen to a recent interview on Castalio Podcast, where I talked about Radio Tray (among many other things). For those of you that don’t know, Castalio Podcast is a great podcast, run by Og Maciel in which he interviews people that in one way or the other has made contributions to the open source world.

As for the 0.7 development, we already have a running plugin system, with just a few things missing 🙂

Cheers, Carlos