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It’s always great to see recognition of our work. I’ve always received very good feedback from our users, which is great and has kept me motivated to keep improving Radio Tray. One other thing that is great is to discover an article talking about your work. Recently, Radio Tray was featured in Linux Magazine, with a two-page article. Amazing 🙂 I know that Radio Tray was already featured in several blogs and websites related to Linux and Open Source, which is awesome. Nevertheless, it feels different when you see the work you’ve made printed on a magazine 🙂 Also, for those of you that might know Portuguese, you can also listen to a recent interview on Castalio Podcast, where I talked about Radio Tray (among many other things). For those of you that don’t know, Castalio Podcast is a great podcast, run by Og Maciel in which he interviews people that in one way or the other has made contributions to the open source world.

As for the 0.7 development, we already have a running plugin system, with just a few things missing 🙂

Cheers, Carlos


10 responses to “Radio Tray in the News”

  1. MAL says :

    Great software and it keeps getting better.

    I would love it if you could add Digitally Imported to the bundled list of stations.


  2. Hilton Daniel Gil says :

    Olá Carlos, meu inglês é terrível, e como você é português sei que entenderá o que escreverei. Ouvi sua entrevista no Castálio Podcast sou fã do radiotray, mas gostaria de saber se já há algum projeto para o uso de buffer. Isso seria muito bom pois há pessoas, como eu, que não tem uma conexão com muita qualidade, de forma que o uso de buffer ajudaria sobremaneira. Grato pelo excelente programa.

  3. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Hilton Olá, obrigado pelas suas palavras. Sim, existe um issue aberto sobre esse assunto e já comecei a trabalhar nele. Mas ainda não consegui resolver esse problema.

  4. Andy York says :

    Most awesome product! Works very well, is easily modified to suit my needs. Was able to quickly add new groups and stations. Consider adding “Country” to your genre list as it is by far the most popular format in the USA, past and present. Let me know if you need some station suggestions for starters. Everyone needs to add BluesRadioUK also.
    Try “or you just not listening.” Once again … Great product. Will gladly link back and provide yum install instructions on my music page. Udaman!

  5. Miroslav Fotyi says :

    Moc pěkný a šikovný prográmek, hodně moc jej používám, dalo by se říct – pořád 🙂 , jediné co postrádám, tak přenesení databáze mých nastavených rádií na jiný pc s tímto prográmkem.

  6. Connie says :

    Thanks for your program. It’s right the thing I was missing on Linux. I don’t need music player to listen to the Internet radio.
    I appreciate if the the program stay simple. There’s no need to make another monster. Good luck!

  7. Al nonymous says :

    Thanks for an excellent program. One thing, i don’t know too much about Ubuntu and i tried to copy my stations or presets file into a new install of Radio Tray on another computer and i think it was Ubuntu that wouldn’t allow it. i wish you could tell us how to do that. Thanks.

  8. Murat says :


    I liked this app. Thank you to develop RadioTray. Good work..

  9. marc says :

    is there any way to increase the buffered data, in order to catch out poor internet connection time out ? I thought that the url_timeout parameter is doing something like that, but apparently it is for some other purposes.

  10. joe says :

    Thanks for a great program. one small request if possible – once the station is already added to favorites/bookmarks then when we try to go back and use the “Edit” function there is no option to change the “Group” it belongs to. would be great if we could edit the group also. thanks for your time. Best Radio playing program on Ubuntu by a mile.

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