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Bugfix release 0.7.1

Hi everybody. Despite all my efforts yesterday, the released package had a missing file, which prevented the plugins configuration dialog to appear.I just released version 0.7.1 to fix this. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but this bug just slipped through. So, please upgrade to the new version. On the bright side, this allowed more translations to be added 🙂



Ho Ho Ho! A new version is here

Finally, 0.7 is out, just in time for Christmas 🙂

There’s a lot of improvements, although most of the work was done on redesigning part of the code to create a plugin system. But before going into details about this new version, just a quick note about versions. This version is mostly a beta, because of all the changes that were made. Version 0.7.1 should come next with bug fixes and eventually updated translations. New features should only appear on 0.8, the next major release. I think this makes versioning much clearer. So now, to the changes on this version…


This is the most significant change in this release. I hope this will bring a lot of new functionalities to Radio Tray, without filling up too much the main application. Plugins can be enabled or disabled by a configuration dialog under the "plugins" sub-menu. For now, there’s only a few of them and most of those you already know. The code for sleep timer, notifications and media keys shortcuts was moved to plugins. I think it’s more logical this way. So, if you want to disable notifications, just disable the plugin for it. Also, this means that in the future another plugin for notifications can be made, that displays data differently, for example. The only plugin that is truly new is the history plugin. When enabled, you can find another entry in the plugins menu, called "history". By clicking it, a small dialog shows all the songs that were played on Radio Tray since start.

Bookmarks Configuration

The bookmarks configuration has gained a few enhancements. There’s no more "up" and "down" buttons to move things around. You can just drag and drop radio stations and groups freely. And on double-click it opens the edit dialog. I think this makes user interaction a lot easier than before.

 Default Radio List

I understand most people would want a better default list for radio stations. Unfortunately, some of them change URLs quite frequently so it’s hard to keep those bookmarks updated. Nevertheless, this version comes with a slightly bigger list. However, if you are upgrading Radio Tray, you won’t see it, because your current list is kept, instead of overwritten by the defaults. If you really want the default list, then you’d have to delete your bookmarks file. Or just take a look at the default file that should be installed at " /usr/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml".

Other modifications

If you start Radio Tray from the command line you’ll notice that it’s not as verbose as before. That’s because, there’s now proper logging  being made. All logs go to "~/.local/share/radiotray/radiotray.log". So, if you find a bug or something that you think is not working well, that’s the file you should look into, or attach in a bug report.

And of course, we have updated translations, thanks to all the people that took the time to translate Radio Tray.

 Happy listening!