Archive | February 2012

New maintenance release

I just released 0.7.2, which is just a quick maintenance release with one bugix, but with lots of updated translations. Thanks again all the translators for all the effort.

As for future plans, the effort is now into creating some new plugins and fixing the most important issues in the bugtracker. The roadmap is not completely established, but I would say that there will probably be another maintenance release with more bugfixes, before any major release. Also, I’m planning on creating some developer documentation to help new people craft cool plugins more easily 🙂

As a side note, I’m having some troubles keeping up the comments in this blog. As you can see, it’s becoming filled with spam comments. And although the spam filter eliminates many of them, lots of them still slip through. This makes reading the comments really hard because most of them are just fake. Real comments get caught in the middle and probably end up unanswered. I’m sorry for all of you that eventually commented and didn’t receive an answer.

Happy listening