New maintenance release

I just released 0.7.2, which is just a quick maintenance release with one bugix, but with lots of updated translations. Thanks again all the translators for all the effort.

As for future plans, the effort is now into creating some new plugins and fixing the most important issues in the bugtracker. The roadmap is not completely established, but I would say that there will probably be another maintenance release with more bugfixes, before any major release. Also, I’m planning on creating some developer documentation to help new people craft cool plugins more easily 🙂

As a side note, I’m having some troubles keeping up the comments in this blog. As you can see, it’s becoming filled with spam comments. And although the spam filter eliminates many of them, lots of them still slip through. This makes reading the comments really hard because most of them are just fake. Real comments get caught in the middle and probably end up unanswered. I’m sorry for all of you that eventually commented and didn’t receive an answer.

Happy listening


7 responses to “New maintenance release”

  1. Aimless says :

    I really enjoy radio tray. But I thought I would make adding stations easier and add them straight to the xml file (bookmarks.xml) in the user/share folder however I no know that that wont work. How can I make it work or what other file can I edit to quickly add a number of stations.
    and as for the spam maybe make sure only one post at a time can accept comments.

  2. Matc says :

    I’m not able to use custom icons with the latest version anymore…

  3. Simeon says :

    @Matc: Works for me on Ubuntu Oneiric.
    I posted something a while ago but I didnt appear here 😦

  4. rob prins says :

    it works almost perfect and fast, thanks.

  5. Kevin says :

    This is an almost perfect radio player. I love it! I had one small feature suggestion though.
    When a stream starts, there’s almost always a glitch of audio noise as the stream starts. It’s probably an artifact of the decoding engine.

    Anyway, my suggestion is, when someone clicks to start a stream, drop the audio volume to 0, Start the playback and ramp the volume back up.
    Do this internally, before the data is fed to Pulse, Alsa, OSS or whatever audio device.

    That would give a smooth and polished element to the player. Click on a station and it just fades up, rather than glitch, crack, music.

  6. joe says :

    thanks for Radio Tray. one feature that would be great is if you hovered over the icon maybe it could display the last 5 stations listened to so that you could easily switch back and forth between these rather than multiple clicks. One of the best players on the windows side is Tapin Radio and it has a history section that allows you to switch stations easily. Also if anyone needs to find URL stream to add their favorite stations to Radio Tray, just check Tapin Radio or some of its competitors as they already have close to 20,000 stations in database. Would be great if RT can add a database and search function(as plugins?) but maybe thats a long ways away. Thanks.

  7. Simon says :

    Cf. comment #7. I, too, tried to edit the bookmarks.xml file, to add favorite internet stations, using notepad++ (in Windoze), as well as a couple of other applications, to no avail. It would be nice to be able to do so. Moreover, it would be great if you could port the ca. 20,000 radio stations from the “stations-yyyy-mm-dd.rsd” file of the Windows program Radio Sure ( Radio Tray. It’s true that perhaps 25% of these stations are unavailable at any given time. However, 15,000 stations would be an improvement over the couple of dozen that are currently available in the radio tray bookmarks.xml file. Thanks for producing this program; it’s an excellent start on a minimalist radio application, as is Radio Sure in the Windows world.

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