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Hi everybody and welcome to the new Radio Tray blog. Well, it’s basically the same blog, just in a different location. The old location platform was no longer supported and it was probably a matter of days until I could no longer access it. So I moved the entire thing over to, which has a number of advantages: the software running the blog is obviously up-to-date and it gives me finally better control over comments to prevent spam. The blog was getting so flooded with spam I couldn’t even read the real comments! So, hopefully, now I can be of more help to anyone who comments on this blog.
And, after a long hiatus, there’s a new version of Radio Tray: 0.7.3. It’s another bugfix release although with some minor new features.Finally, some of the most annoying bugs (at least for me) were fixed. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Previous versions couldn’t reconnect in case of network failure. This was basically a stupid bug related to how RT was dealing with gstreamer states. Although that fixes small network problems, it can’t help in cases where the network failure exceeds timeout. For that, I also added a “retry” operation that prolongs this time. After that, it justs stops. I could keep on retrying, but I’m not sure if that’s the best way. Anyway, if you still have problems, please file a bug so we can review this.
  • Fixed some issues that prevented it from running well on some distros. Some related with crashes and others related to the icon not appearing correctly.
  • As for new features, we have a new plugin: MateMediaKeysPlugin. Thanks to Ken for writing this plugin. This creates the bindings for multimedia keys (in supported keyboards) under Mate desktop. It’s similar to what we had with Gnome. Which reminds me that the Gnome Media Keys plugin doesn’t support Gnome3. As Gnome2 is fading out, this plugin will probably become deprecated. I hope we can have a new one that works under Gnome3 soon. Of course, that means Radio Tray needs to work better on Gnome Shell, which it doesn’t right now, at least without modifications to the desktop.
  • And finally, I also added partial support for album cover. This looks pretty nice, but it works only with a few radio stations. Some stations publish the album cover in the stream, others publish just their logo and most don’t publish anything. Radio Tray displays any image that it receives in the stream, no matter if it’s an album cover or the radio’s logo. Both look nicer than just displaying RT’s stock icon.

That’s all for the highlights of this version. You can examine the complete changelog in Radio Tray’s homepage.

Happy listening


22 responses to “New blog and new version”

  1. m a r says :

    Absolutely awesome applet.

    Any chance that you can override the settings in Ubuntu that stopped popups on hover and volume on mousewheel?

    I love this little thing, and liked those options on the old desktops.


    m a r

  2. m a r says :

    I just found out how to get output from Radio Tray to import to my conky. Looks great. Had to do a little sed work to get the artist and track name separately. If you want it, glad to share.

    Any chance of having Radio Tray export/display track length? Is that possible with streams? I know you have album cover display now (assuming it’s sent, or embedded in the MP3?)

    Big mahalos!

    m a r

    • Carlos says :

      I’m not sure if that’s possible. The streams normally publish some metadata, like the song title, the autohr and in some cases the album cover. But I’m going to see if I can extract more info from the metadata.

      • m a r says :

        Cool. Metadata is also awesome. 😀

        BTW, it looks like something has changed recently on Ubuntu; I’m getting the hover tooltip now, too (after a reboot), as well as the volume change. It’s really excellent.

        I’m sure this is some sort of system change, because two of my other apps are now responding again, toggling state.

        If you’re looking for plugin ideas: how about an alarm clock — sort of the opposite of the sleep timer?

    • Fat Tony says :

      How? I want my Conky to display the track and station. Can’t even find RT in Dolphin. Don’t know where to start. Mint 13 KDE. Thanks.

      • m a r says :

        Here’s what I’m using, I adapted it from something I found… on a RadioTray website somewhere?… was it SourceForge?… anyway:

        ${execi 5 qdbus net.sourceforge.radiotray /net/sourceforge/radiotray getCurrentMetaData | sed ‘s/\(.*\) – \(.*\)/\2/’}

        ${execi 5 qdbus net.sourceforge.radiotray /net/sourceforge/radiotray getCurrentMetaData | sed ‘s/\(.*\) – \(.*\)/\1/’}

        ${execi 20 qdbus net.sourceforge.radiotray /net/sourceforge/radiotray net.sourceforge.radiotray.getCurrentRadio}

        That gives you the track, the artist and the station on three different lines. I’ve removed my formatting.

        I don’t know what wordpress will do to the formatting of this, but it should be reasonably clear. Oh, you’ll need qdbus installed. sed should already be installed.


      • m a r says :

        Now that I’ve seen my reply in wordpress — the dashes are should be simple hyphens and the single quotes should be apostrophes.

  3. al says :

    Thanks so much for a great program. The only improvement i could ask is for a “history” option so that the last 5 or so stations we used will appear at the top of the list when we click the Radio Tray icon? myself i find most of the time i am selecting between last 3-5 stations and this would save much time and mouse clicks rather than going thru genre folders.

    Thanks. Radio Tray is the best.

  4. Pepe López says :

    Thanks for RadioTray. Great. I want share my playlist, cheers.

  5. Sladjan says :

    thanks a lot for this great app, I like its simplicity! I am using it everyday.

  6. bob says :

    Thanks for making this! Just what I was wanting.
    For a default station icon, how about favicon.ico, eg:
    A plugin idea: fade in/out, & crossfade when changing stations.

  7. Bill says :

    Love the app!! I use it most every day, all day. How about a way to transfer your stations form one computer to another? I would like to move my stations to my laptop without spending hours finding and adding the stations. Just a simple import/export plugin would do the trick.

    • Simeon says :

      You could just copy over the file from/to home/-localö/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml. I think about adding it to my Ubuntu One sync list for example.

  8. sigh says :

    Bill, just copy the bookmarks file.

  9. Steve says :

    Just want to add my voice to the chorus of praise for the simplicity and utility of this great app! I second the history idea… sometimes I can’t look at the currently playing song and want to know what it was after the fact….
    If your looking for something to play your local stuff with equal simplicity and good looks, check out

  10. diwakar says :

    If I ever wrote a plugin, how would I test it. I mean where would I put it to make it show itself .

    • Carlos says :

      Radio Tray searches for plugins in two locations: ~/.local/share/radiotray/plugins/ and /usr/share/radiotray/plugins/. I suppose for testing purposes, the first one would be a good choice.

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