Archive | September 2012

New development home

For a long time I’ve been using Sourceforge for hosting the Radio Tray project. I’ve always wanted to have a project on sourceforge, so it was an obvious choice. Despite some hiccups, they offered great support and I’m very thankful for it. But, unfortunately they’re closing down their Hosted Apps. Those are third-party apps integrated into their overall service. An example would be Trac, which I use as the Radio Tray issue tracker. So, What now ? I could have migrated all issues back to sourceforge internal tracker, but I never liked it. In fact, I moved away from that into Trac in the first place.

So, I decided to move it outside sourceforge, into bitbucket. With that, I’m moving also the mercurial repository and the wiki, which I haven’t used in Trac, but I’m planning on using it more now. So, basically, this means moving the development into bitbucket.

But the project will still exist in sourceforge, which will remain as the main home for the project, holding project info, the binaries and the homepage. I think this division will work out nicely.

So, this leads me to what I’ve been busy with in the last couple of days….moving all the info from the old issue tracker to the new one. There’s no tool in bitbucket to import issues from Trac. Fortunately, they have a public API, so I could hack a script to move all the issues. It didn’t work 100% perfect, but it will have to do. Some information couldn’t be copied: the creation date and the author. So, every issue has now my username as the author and of course all notifications were lost.

I still haven’t closed the old issue tracker and repo…still finishing the last details 🙂

Let me know if experience any problems or have any other suggestions.