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For a long time I’ve been using Sourceforge for hosting the Radio Tray project. I’ve always wanted to have a project on sourceforge, so it was an obvious choice. Despite some hiccups, they offered great support and I’m very thankful for it. But, unfortunately they’re closing down their Hosted Apps. Those are third-party apps integrated into their overall service. An example would be Trac, which I use as the Radio Tray issue tracker. So, What now ? I could have migrated all issues back to sourceforge internal tracker, but I never liked it. In fact, I moved away from that into Trac in the first place.

So, I decided to move it outside sourceforge, into bitbucket. With that, I’m moving also the mercurial repository and the wiki, which I haven’t used in Trac, but I’m planning on using it more now. So, basically, this means moving the development into bitbucket.

But the project will still exist in sourceforge, which will remain as the main home for the project, holding project info, the binaries and the homepage. I think this division will work out nicely.

So, this leads me to what I’ve been busy with in the last couple of days….moving all the info from the old issue tracker to the new one. There’s no tool in bitbucket to import issues from Trac. Fortunately, they have a public API, so I could hack a script to move all the issues. It didn’t work 100% perfect, but it will have to do. Some information couldn’t be copied: the creation date and the author. So, every issue has now my username as the author and of course all notifications were lost.

I still haven’t closed the old issue tracker and repo…still finishing the last details 🙂

Let me know if experience any problems or have any other suggestions.



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  1. stevensaus says :

    Hi! I really, really wanted scrobbling support, and I’ve hacked together something using the pylast library. (Worth noting: this is the second python project I’ve attempted EVER.)

    It seems to work fine when I literally use your HelloWorld plugin base… but when I rename it to (and change class names) I get an error ” File “/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/radiotray/”, line 127, in discoverPlugins
    m = __import__(info.clazz)
    ImportError: No module named scrobblerPlugin”

    So I’m wondering where to go from here. I’m probably doing something REALLY stupid. (See above – second python project ever.)

    For me, I don’t care if it sits on top of the HelloWorld plugin. I’ve got what I wanted. But since I’ve seen LOTS of others wish for this kind of functionality, I’d like to get it in shape that others can use it too. Any thoughts? (e-mail preferred for followup.)


  2. Joe Schmoe says :

    Do you have a timeline of future enhancements to Radio Tray? would be great to know what’s on the horizon.


    • Carlos says :

      Hi, I don’t have a timeline. There’s a wishlist with planned fetures, but that’s about it. Maybe I can publish it as soon as we start using the new wiki that comes from bitbucket.

  3. Joe Schmoe says :

    oops, one other question – is it possible to run Radio Tray as a portable app from an SD card if we include those dependencies in the same folder? would be great to be able to have a nice radio player with all my presets while running a Live CD like TAILS etc.

  4. RT fan says :

    Would be nice to have proper place where all users can share bookmarks.
    Pastebin style.
    Thanks for making radiotray.
    I worked lately with my RT bookmarks and i have now over 300 of them.
    To be honest i don’t remember when i listened or collected audi files.
    Keep going! 😉

    • Joe Schmoe says :

      i don’t think this is practical is it? Each user has different favorites that they want to include but its not a searchable database (yet?) so there’s no point in having bunch of favorites in your menu that you dont use. If people are wondering how to find the URL of the stream of their favorite stations, that work has mostly been done already and imo its best to use the Windows apps like RadioSure and Tapin and then just search their database and copy the URL over to RadioTray.

  5. Randy says :

    Any idea how I can add the stream at to radio tray. This is the only radio station I am having trouble with.


  6. Stefano says :

    Hi, off-topic here, but I just wanted to say thank you for such a great, simple and effective piece of software! Thank you!

  7. dd says :

    “Fixed issues with icon not appearing in some platforms”

    but not for mint kde 12.04 – kde 4.9.2! the icon in the panel is a sheet bent around the corner the same you know from copy

  8. Simone says :

    I too want to thank you for this little nice application.
    My suggestions are:
    – put on the wiki a page where everybody can post lists of radios for nations, for example:
    – let user read bookmarks from UbuntuOne or Dropbox folder

  9. 123 says :

    i get the timing out issue on version 0.7.3 – iirc i read something about this being a problem in an earlier version and was now fixed but i never had the issue before and its here in 0.7.3 this is on ubuntu 11.04 (yeah outdated)
    radio stream plays for 10, 20, 30 minutes etc and then just stops for some reason and then the icon goes from blue to grey and then the first option
    is “turn on ABC or XYZ radio station” so i have to restart the stream again.

    also, would be great if we can leave comments on your bitbucket page without
    having to register. i think youre missing a lot of helpful comments and bug
    reports. as the free email accts(Yahoo, GMail, etc) are basically spyware for compiling data on
    people many of us wont use them anymore so to register for the bitbucket acct
    we have to register a disposable email acct first and then register at bitbucket
    just to help and its too much waste of time.


    • 123 says :

      or perhaps just a simple contact form where we can let you know – “hey this isn’t working” or “hey what about this idea for an improvement”


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