Transifex problems solved

Ok, so I think I solved the issues with Transifex and translations strings are now correct. I hope that our translators can now start updating so that by the end of the week this bug fix release can be finally launched 🙂


bugfix release soon

 Radio Tray is approaching release 0.6.4, which is just a bugfix release. It wasn’t initially planned, as a lot of work is being done in a different branch and involves a major code rewrite. However, a few bugs needed fixing, so, it’s best to release this minor release.

Translations were one of the big issues solved, as there were lots of un-translatable strings throughout the application. Hopefully, we tracked them all down (thanks to Valdur for his precious help hunting them down). So, everything is now updated on Transifex and I ask all translators if they could update the corresponding translations, so that 0.6.4 gets everything updated 🙂

Meanwhile, a lot of work was already done for the upcoming 0.7 version, which I shall blog about it soon. It’s mostly under the hood things, but hopefully, it will be easier to add new feature from now on.

Update: Ok, I talked too soon 😦 There seems to be a problem on Transifex and although yesterday everything was fine on Transifex, today it seems the new strings disappeared and we’re back to the old version. I already sent them the issue. I’ll tell you when this is fixed. Sorry for the confusion 😦


New fix version released!

Because of some critical issues on the tarball build and an issue with the default bookmarks file, I decided to release version 0.6.3. This has no new features, it’s just to fix those issues.

This reminds me that next versions of Radio Tray shall have saner versions. Something like MajorChange.MinorChange.HotFix. 0.6.2 was released as a minor change version, but the wrong number was increased. I promise to be more careful with this in the future, to prevent any kind of confusion.

Hopefully, this version will install and work smoothly 🙂

0.6.2 is finally ready

Radio Tray 0.6.2 is finally here. Here are the highlights for this version:

Added a "- – resume" parameter to play the last radio station before radio trays was shut down. It’s a command line parameter, so if you want to do this everytime, it’s best to change the command in a launcher or in the startup apps (if you happen to have radio tray start on system startup).


Added appindicator support. This is an Ubuntu-only feature. For now, you can still use the usual interface, but on Ubuntu’s next version there’s no system tray, so this appindicator support is the only way to run Radio Tray. Unfortunately, the appindicator is a lot less flexible than the common system tray. Using radio tray with appindicator support means that there’s no tooltips and no mouse-scroll to control volume.

There’s now a sleep timer integrated in radio tray, so that you can all go to sleep listening to radio tray 😉 This feature will probably change in the future. In future version we plan to offer a plugin environment and this feature is a clear candidate for being a plugin.

The main objective for this verson was to fix some bugs, and a lot of them were fixed. There’s still a few in the bugtracker that couldn’t be solved for this version, but next versions will try to fix them. I’d like to thank all  translators for their effort. We now have more languages supported!

As usual, any issues you might find with this version, please report them in the bugtracker.

Thank you all for your support and happy listening 😉

Transifex issues

I’m using Transifex for quite a while and has been working great. However, I didn’t pay enough attention to their latest upgrade, so the translation files unfortunately got a little out of sync with the code in the repository. I was finishing up for releasing 0.6.2, until I found that new translations weren’t being added to the repository. After reading the changes made by Transifex upgrade, I found that I had to change a few things in the whole process. Transifex doesn’t commit to the repository anymore. Now, there’s a command line tool to fetch the changes made in Transifex and merge them with the local files. I just made those changes and updated everything in Transifex. I hope no translations were lost in this process. I’d like to thank all the translators for all the effort to translate Radio Tray. I’m sorry I didn’t discover this sooner. I’m releasing Radio Tray soon, so it’s probable that most languages don’t get 100% coverage. However, if in the coming days, many translators update to 100% I don’t mind releasing a version 0.6.3 with just those changes. Thank you.

Having said that, I have to say I prefered Transifex’s previous version over this one, but it’s a great tool nevertheless. The reason i liked the previous version more, it’s really simple: for me, as a service, Transifex did more with less work from my side. Now, it still works, but we have one more tool installed that needs to be run on our machine, be it manually (when we remember) or automatically (after creating some sort of script). So, it was added more complexity for the user. Nevertheless, I understand that it was getting overwhelming having to sync with so many repositories. And I have to congratulate the Transifex team for their great service, despite all that.

Recent developments on Radio Tray

I just wanted to tell you a little about the recent developments in radio tray and its roadmap. Development hasn’t been as fast, due to several personal and professional matters. Nevertheless, issues are being solved and a few features being added (thanks specially to Ed Bruck for those).
The next version (0.6.2) is mainly a bugfix version. It has however a few new features, like a sleep function.
Also, one of the recent developments was to create an application indicator for Ubuntu. As you probably know, Ubuntu’s next version won’t have the system tray (among other changes). This is unfortunate, because the application indicator is a lot less flexible. Radio Tray is not an Ubuntu application, but a Linux application and it should run in pretty much all distributions. However, we all know that Ubuntu is the most used distribution and it would be foolish to just ignore it.
So, we now have support for both modes of operation: the usual interface in the system tray, and the new application indicator.
Because of its limited API, in application indicator mode there’s no secondary menu and no tooltips. We had to fit everything into the main menu. It’s not perfect but it ended up better than I imagined.
I don’t like the application indicator API and I don’t think it improves usability for the end user, on the contrary. Nevertheless, I don’t blame Canonical for this, I understand they’re trying to tackle several kinds of devices with just one user interface. We can’t right-click on a tablet or see a tooltip, can we ? 🙂

We still miss a few things that I wanted to put in 0.6.2 version, but I don’t want to postpone it much more time. So we might release it soon and move the unfinished issues to other version.
One of the issues that won’t be on 0.6.2 will be plugin support. This is a major feature for me, as I don’t want to add too many features to the main Radio Tray application. Most of the future features will probably be based on plugins. This way we can keep the application simple and offer the option to add extra functionality through plugins (stream recording is one example).
This will take some time, as much code needs to be refactored because of this. Nevertheless, I hope we can have 0.6.2 at the begining of 2011 and 0.7 a couple months after it.

Thank you all for your support and kind words of incentive. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Release 0.6.1

Although technically it’s not Sunday anymore, I finally released Radio Tray 0.6.1, as promised. Initially, I was planning to make this version just a bug-fix release, but some new features were getting done, and so this release has a few new things. Most of them, thanks to Ed Bruck’s help.


What’s new


  •  Fixed several problems with playlist parsing. This should increase stability and make most of the problematic radios that didn’t work play. I tested with some of the radio stations that didn’t work in previous versions and most of them work great now.
  • Added sub-menus to the bookmark list. You can now organise your favorite radios a lot easier. This implied a few changes to the underlying bookmarks file structure. Theoretically, old version files should get updated to the new format gracefully. Nevertheless, it’s always best to backup your bookmarks file, first.
  • More stations added to the  default bookmarks file. This will be visible only for new installs. Existing bookmarks should not be substituted. You can still inspect the bundled bookmarks file manually (located at /usr/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml) and add the radios you like.
  • Added option to reload bookmarks. This is handy if you synchronise your bookmarks file with dropbox or other remote location.
  • Fixed a lot of other small problems, like desktop notification issues, better UI in dialogs, etc
  • Finally, some translations got upgraded a few new ones were added. Unfortunately, due to Transifex refresh problem that I talked about in the previous post, most of the translation files weren’t updated. As soon as most of them get updated I might release a new version just to include those.

Thanks for using Radio Tray and I hope you like this version.