Radio Tray 0.5 now with translation support

This is a quick post announcing version 0.5 of Radio Tray. As promised, it now has translation support ๐Ÿ™‚ Not many languages supported yet, but slowly I hope it gets more languages added. After all, there’s not much to translate. Soon, I’ll post some information on how you can help translate Radio Tray to your language and thus help to improve the user experience for all Radio Tray users.

There’s also a lot of internal changes on how the files are organized. In part due to the translation support, but also to try to fix some bugs. I hope all of you can now use Radio Tray without problems.

Happy listening!


23 responses to “Radio Tray 0.5 now with translation support”

  1. Vilmantas says :

    I want to try to translate program in to my native language Lithuanian ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    Thanks Vilmantas, I appreciate your help ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll soon post some information on how you can help.

  3. Luca says :

    Hi Carlos,

    can i suggest two features?

    The first one is simple. I would be useful to mute the radio, or it would be just a repetition of the turn off button?
    The second one is something i saw on the new ipod nano. If you listen the radio with your ipod the program just record the radio and when you restart it, it just restart from the pause moment.
    What do you think about it?

    Thank you for this fantastic tool ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Vilmantas says :

    And in Ubuntu 10.04 then i try to start radio station program wrotes: You GStreamer instalation is missing a plu-gin or There is no codec present that can handle… (Ubuntu restricted extras installed).

  5. Tate says :

    Hey, i’ve found it just today. And i think that is a great thing in order to keep the things simple. I mean, i don’t want to launch audacious (or qmmp) to listen the radio. And even more, i’ve to keep the .pls files in order to pickup the radio that i what to listen.

    Appart from that, is there a simple way to get the scrobbler working?. Would be nice to get the songs that i listen on the radio scrobbled in my lastfm account. I mean, the radio shows the name of the song that’s playing, well… lets use that to get it on


  6. Vilmantas says :

    It started playing after some investigation, so it is no bug, but i found another problem Programs/Audio and Video/there is no icon of radio try only question mark in gray background (Ubuntu 10.04)

  7. Felix says :

    Hi there!
    I just submitted the German translation for radiotray. However the translation support does not really work out for all languages.
    Best example: “Are you sure you want to delete”
    In English that would expand to “Are you sure you want to delete ?”
    In German the word order would be slightly different:
    “Sind Sie sicher, dass sie lรถschen wollen?”. This case however has not been thought about and is one of the most commonly made mistakes. Just use some kind of printf command and make the String “Are you sure you want to delete %s?” so the whole sentence can be translated.

    The following strings would need adaption:
    “Are you sure you want to delete”
    “Connecting to”

  8. Felix says :

    It ate my placeholders…
    It should say:

    In English that would expand to โ€œAre you sure you want to delete *station name*?โ€
    In German the word order would be slightly different:
    โ€œSind Sie sicher, dass sie *station name* lรถschen wollen?โ€

  9. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Luca Thank you for your suggestions. I already received some suggestions about a “volume up/volume down”, so clearly sound control is something useful that I’m going to investigate ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for recording, I wasn’t planning it. It goes a little beyond what I was planning for Radio Tray. But I’ll think about it. I still have some other features that I want to implement first ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Vilmantas Thanks for your report about Ubuntu 10.04. I’ll have to install Ubuntu 10.04 to see what’s happening.

  11. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Tate Thanks. As for scrobbler it’s a good thing you remembered me of that. After some of the changes that happened at some time ago I stopped using it and I completely forgot about it. I’ll investigate to see if it’s easy to add support for

  12. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Felix Thank you very much for your contribution. You’re right about the placeholders, I’m going to fix that as soon as I can.

  13. LGB says :

    Sorry, maybe my comment is not related to this post on your blog, but … Today I’ve discovered radio tray, and I have to say: very nice idea! I always hated to run a big/slow resource hungry full featured player just for listening some online-radio while working. So it’s a good idea and implementation, thanks a lot! However what I miss a lot: the source of the online radio URLs. It’s not so nice to “hunt” for them … For this purpose I really like exaile’s “browser” on online radios, that is the only feature I’m missing from radio tray …

  14. Japie Krekel says :

    Love this little gem.

    Maybe I can help translating the program in Dutch.
    Let me know.

  15. Uwe says :

    Very nice application.
    It works perfect with most of my radio station but crashes on

  16. Ice-Cream says :

    Thanks for this great app. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @LGB Well, having a radio browser is a little out of the scope of radio tray. However, I plan to improve that “hunt” bit a little. But I still have some research to do. Thank you for your suggestion and for liking Radio Tray

  18. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    Hi Japie Krekel, thanks for your help. Stay tuned, I’m gonna post some information on that.

  19. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Uwe Thanks for the report, I’m going to take a look at it.

  20. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    @Ice-Cream Thank you

  21. LGB says :

    @Carlos Ribeiro: sorry, I don’t anything about radio tray internals, but is it possible to submit new radio list entry via command line (rather than using the config box)? Since if it can be, it’s nice, no need to overcomplicate the code of radio tray (which should be small) but another frontend (whatever it is) can “submit”, so a browser can be implemented as a separate process. It would be also cool to “remote control” radio tray via cmdline too (switch radio station, switching off, and also the add station stuff maybe even delete?). Or via dbus? Hmm sorry if I only have odd ideas ….

  22. daveg says :

    This is a great little app. I think it’d fit rather nicely if it could be controlled with gnome-do

  23. Carlos Ribeiro says :

    No, those are not odd ideas LGB ๐Ÿ™‚ At this moment it’s not possible to submit commands through command line. I don’t plan to add direct control of radio tray through the command line, but I do plan to add a DBus interface. That way, making a command line remote control would be simpler, if needed. But having a DBus interface would make it available to much more than that.
    Now, answering also to daveg, that DBus interface would allow someone to make a Gnome-Do plugin, for example. I’m hoping someone with experience in Gnome-Do would step forward to make a plugin for Radio Tray as soon as I have a DBus interface to work with ๐Ÿ™‚

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